Finest Hair have compiled the following list of handy hints and tips which can be used as a checklist to ensure you receive the best quality hair care service. 

  • Are the staff and company fully qualified and licensed?
  • Has the salon be recommended to you, do they have good reviews?
  • How experienced are the staff that will be doing your hair.
  • What does the price include ? does it include everything you need to get your desired look/result.
  • Avoid decision on price rather than professionalism and service. The rule of thumb is to opt for a salon that leaves you completely satisfied. It is better to spend a couple of extra bucks and get fully satisfied with what you see.
  • Do they greet you with a smile and offer you refreshments (A smile can make anyone’s day)
  • Clarify the price before getting a service done. No one wants to have nasty surprises at the end of the service!
  • Is the salon clean and tidy, do the staff look presentable.
  • Does the salon get in touch and contact you before the day of your appointment.  No one wants to miss out on a hair appointment on an important occasion.
  • Are the stylist trained and up to date with the latest trends.
  • does the stylist listen to your needs, Do you trust them, no one wants to come to a new hair salon and get 6 inches taken off!
  • Do they have social media? Can you look at the salons service they provide.
  • Do they include a consultation? This is a perfect time to have a look around and meet the stylists.
  • Do they have a booking schedule online. Can you check out if they are available before booking.
  • Can you bring in a photo of what you like or does the salon have style books you can go through
  • Does the stylist analyse your face shape and features. will the style suit you?

Refer to these tips and hints when making a decision, remembering to take everything into consideration.