At Finest Hair Liverpool our experienced team of hairdressers provide high quality balayage and ombre you can rely on. Our team of experts can walk you through the whole process so you leave our Liverpool Salon excited for your next Hair Care Treatment.

Ombre, describes the look of a more abstract fade from dark roots to light ends. Unlike foiling, balayage uses freehand painting and paddling to produce a softer, more natural and less uniform look. It’s perfect for colour contouring and allows your colourist the ultimate freedom to mimic natural sun-kissed highlights and create seamlessly graduated tone variations.

A lot of people mistake Ombre for Balayage. Ombre is a more dramatic effect, which looks like the hair has been dip dyed. The regrowth is a lot more prominent with ombre. Balayage can be very low maintenance, as you do not get strong demarcations and regrowth, as you can do with normal highlighting and solid colour.

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Alyce C, 2`1/12/2019